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Bazzar List

Bazzar Name Open Time Close Time
Milan morning 00:30 10:05
Milan morning close 00:30 11:05
Kalyan morning 00:30 10:50
Kalyan morning close 00:30 11:50
Sridevi 00:30 11:25
Sridevi close 00:30 12:25
Madhur morning 00:30 11:20
Madhur morning Close 00:30 12:20
time bazar 00:30 12:50
Time bazar close 00:30 13:50
Madhur day 00:30 13:00
Madhur day close 00:30 14:00
Rajdhani day 00:30 14:50
Rajdhani day close 00:30 16:50
Milan day 00:30 14:50
Milan day close 00:30 16:50
Supreme day 00:30 15:30
Supreme day close 00:30 17:30
Kalyan 00:30 15:30
Kalyan close 00:30 17:30
Sridevi night 00:30 18:50
Sridevi night close 00:30 19:50
Madhur night 00:30 20:20
Madhur night close 00:30 22:20
Supreme night 00:30 20:30
Supreme night close 00:30 22:30
Milan night 00:30 20:50
Milan night close 00:30 22:50
Kalyan night 00:30 21:10
Kalyan night close 00:30 23:10
Rajdhani night 00:30 21:20
Rajdhani night close 00:30 23:20
Main bazar 00:30 21:30
Main bazar close 00:30 23:59


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What is Satta Matka and its significance?

Use to play satta matka online. There are various ways to win on our site. You can make outrageous guesses and win enormous amounts. With our website, you will be able to play online Matka and learn Matka tips and tricks. The Matka website we have is very impressive and allows you to earn huge rewards while playing Satta with your skills. For further information, contact us anytime.

Unlike other competitions, Kalyan Matka Satta Matka does not focus on winning. Keeping trying, even if you don’t succeed the first time, is the key to success. It’s not always easy to achieve success. Keep working, because a person who doesn’t give up will succeed in the end. The use of Satta Matka, Kalyan, and Madhur Day can be successful when using them. You can always place another bet if the need arises, regardless of whether you win or lose. You need not be discouraged if you lose your first bet. You will see your fortunes change sooner than you think.

Taking part in Matka online

By playing Matka online, you can make the most money. Playing Matka online can lead to money. However, some websites will steal your money. We won’t do that. You can always expect to receive your money as soon as possible after winning it. You have a chance of winning a large sum of money quickly if you invest 500 or more.

This is what Satta Matka Play is about

A Satta Matka market is a lottery system in which users wager on a set of numbers, which are determined by an independent group. When the numbers released by the Satta Matka markets match the numbers played by the player, the player wins. Several middlemen connect the owners and users of Satta Matka markets. Satta Matka owners and users can now communicate with each other through us, which eliminates this gap.

In addition, to live Satta Matka results, Indian Matka results, free trial games for Mumbai and Kalyan, and recommendations from Satta King consultants, Satta King offers an Internet community forum. Consultants in Satta Matka make quick money as consultants, which is a great job. You can win the Satta Matka king title with our daily guessing games.

There are various online recreational facilities, such as Satta Matka, Kalyan Matka , Mumbai Matka, and others. Satta Matka may be the most prestigious website in the world due to its results for Satta Com, Gali Satta, Milan, and Day and Night races. While the Matka game of Com’s isn’t the most popular Satta game, it has evolved into an online Satta bazaar where players can participate in the Matka game of today, as well as the Matka game for the end of the Satta.

Getting Started With Matka Online

The Satta Matka Play Game is a lottery system where players bet on the results of a set of numbers released by different markets. These markets are also called Satta Matka markets. If the markets release numbers that match what the user has played on, then the user will win if the Satta Matka markets are used. Several middlemen are involved in the Satta Matka markets. The Play Online Satta Matka site connects Matka users and owners.


The first step is to choose any three (3) of the following numbers between 0 and 9. We will choose 5,3,6 in our example. To make the game more interesting, the last number of the sum is presented after the numbers have been added. For instance, 5 + 3 + 6 is 14, so 4 is given. Therefore, the results of the first drawing should be 5,3,6 & 4.

STEP 2: 

The second set of numbers will be processed in the same way as the first set. We will select 8,2,8 as our second number set. If we add 8 + 2 + 8 we get 18. Therefore, we include the last digit 8 in the calculation. This set of numbers is 8,3,8, and 8.


After the first and second digits are drawn, the third step involves assembling them. In this example, if we assembled the first and second sets of drawn numbers, it would look something like this: 5,3,6*4 X 8,2,8*8. In the end, if any of the numbers mentioned here were bet on, the user would win.

Bring in Cash in Speediest Way by Playing Satta Game

One of the most popular stages to play online satta is sattaking. There is nothing complicated about Satta, it is essentially a lottery game. We assist you in winning the biggest aggregates and the greatest association highlights. India's round of satta is generally horrific, so we should participate and present a significant amount of money. By improving your number system capabilities, you will be able to get the closest stunts. Online gaming gives you the feeling of presence you desire. Take part in one of the funniest online games. Play our mystery game by connecting to our mystery site.

Our site offers big prizes for those who play satta with mastery and put in the most practice. To win a game of Satta Matka, you will need a lucky number, but accommodating collection amassing is also important. To win Satta and become the Satta ruler simultaneously, choose the true assortment when playing. A match can be won easily with it.

You should organise the rules.

You can easily understand its associations and rules because Satta Matka is a simple and direct game. By understanding lottery draw rules properly, you can easily convert into a satta ruler.

Online play of Satta Ruler has few unbelievable arguments against it. Before playing online, practice on a reliable satta page to avoid losing money. It has costs and operates by offering, so you put money there in the belief that you will win as well as acquire more money. Since the winner of this game will bring back all the brilliance, it will also be highly compensatory for you because you will gain enormous amounts of money.

The Best Technique To Play

In choosing the optimal location for the Satta ruler, several fundamental factors must be considered. All of them should be taken into account, despite the fact that some of them are more closely related than others. These ideas expand on the variety of games that are offered, the unlimited rewards offered, the storage capacity, and the notion of customer service.

A succession of credibility is the satta. The winning numbers are chosen for an arbitrary cause, therefore the numbers you choose at random may end up having much better possible outcomes than any course of action using painstakingly planned and prepared numbers. Satta is a karma-based game, therefore if you fail to find the key before playing, your karma will continue to remain close to you.

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